Fine Art Prints

An original Fine Art Print is a work of art conceived by the atist as a print and produced and printed by hand, often with the aid of some form of press.

A print can be taken from an etched or engraved metal plate, a woodblock, a lithographic stone, a silkscreen or a computer and printer.  Technically prints tend to fall into one of four catagories: intaglio (etching, engravings, drypoints etc.), relief (wood and linocut), planographic (silkscreen or lithograph) and digital (work conceived, produced and manipulated on a computer). Images are often made up from a combination of these techniques.

Original fine art prints are not copies of an already existing art work but exist as a number of limited but original works with each number in an edition an original work in its own right.

Collecting prints has traditionally been seen as an affordable way to start an art collection as, due to their multiple nature, prints tend to be less expensive than a one off painting or sculpture and many established artists have produced prints alongside work in other mediums.

The artists represented on this site are established names in their fields who’s works are included in major international public art collections and museums.