Chris Pig

 Chris Pig. Over London by Rail. Engraving, Chine-collé.  Paper size 300 x 300mm.


The people at number 3 didn’t indulge in murder, but there was a nasty stabbing of one person and the severe beating of another, so I figure I wasn’t gilding the lily that much. About a fortnight later the police arrested someone there and Stella and I counted 27 officers coming out of the house.  There is regular trouble there which is curtain-twitching gold for a nosey person such as myself.

Chris Pig


Personal Statement

I have always been a genre artist, but over the last few years I’ve become less hung-up about verity and am starting to enjoy artifice; after all, all forms of fine art are, by their very nature, mediated and artificial.  I have therefore allowed myself to dress friends up, play around with the seductive compositional effects of film noir and revel in clichés.  I enjoy adding a fragment of narrative that people are free to interpret as they choose.

Chris Pig CV