Duncan Bullen

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Duncan Bullen. Full Stop, 12pt, CMYK, (10x20x4), Letterpress. Paper size 300x300mm.
£220. Edition of 36

Duncan Bullen (1962, Norwich, UK) is a practising artist and Course Leader for Fine Art Printmaking at the University of Brighton, UK. His practice encompasses drawing, print and the artist book, as well as collaborative initiatives. Recent works explore the idea of colour as readymade, in which all colours within a given palette are used individually and distributed evenly, without preference or hierarchy, in predetermined and random sequences.

For Parallel Print, Bullen has contributed a letterpress print composed of full stops in 12 point Palatino type and the four colours cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK). These four colours form the permutations (CC, MM, YY, KK, CM, CY, CK, MY, MK, YK). The image was prepared by Lorry Eason from a numbered diagram, supplied by the artist and printed by Sarah Bryant (Big Jump Press).


Duncan Bullen studied Fine Art at Leeds Polytechnic in the mid 1980’s, before completing his MA in Printmaking at the Royal College of Art in 1991. He was recipient of a Rome Scholarship spending 1991-‘92 at the British School at Rome. After this he undertook a series of residencies at the Eremo di Santa Caterina, a former hermitage on the Italian Island of Elba. In 2005 he was artist in residence at the Experimental Printmaking Institute based at Lafayette College, Pennsylvania. He has had several solo exhibitions and has participated in many internationally recognised shows. His most recent project Chromatic Fields is collaboration with the composer Jamie Crofts. His writing includes the chapter Drawing Colour: Between the Line and the Field in The Mobility of the Line, Published by Birkhauser Verlag AG 2013.