Mark Graver Umbra Sumus 2013 photopolymer etching

Mark Graver

Mark Gravers work has been included in major international exhibitions and film festivals and is held in public collections in China, Taiwan, Mexico, Portugal, Turkey, South Africa, UK and New Zealand.

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Umbra Sumus 2013 photopolymer etching. Paper size 300x300mm.
£220. Editon of 36.

Mark Graver – Artist Statement

Memory, Place and Time

The traces of time etched into the environment, be it natural or urban, external or internal; the surfaces making up a city, or the forms of nature observed, remembered and abstracted, produced, re-produced and re-presented.

Current practice involves working with printmaking, digital video and sound with interest concentrated at the point where these approaches meet and cross – the editonable act/event/encounter of pulling a print or screening a film, the re-presenting of this act/event/encounter and its relationship with time, place and memory.

Mark Graver CV