Timo Lehtonen

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Timo Lehtonen Unruhe 1. Woodcut.  Paper/image size 300x300mm. £200. Edition of 36

Timo Lehtonen was born in Helsinki in 1953. He lived in both Finland and Nigeria as a child before moving to England in 1963. After taking an undergraduate degree in Fine Art at Sheffield Polytechnic (1973-1976) Timo studied Printmaking at the Royal College of Art (RCA) graduating in 1979. Timo taught quite extensively in England at graduate and post-graduate level.

Timo Lehtonen is now a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art Printmaking at the University of Brighton, England. He continues to live and work in London. In 1987 Timo undertook the RCA Printmaking Fellowship and in 1994 he was the Museum of London Artist in Residence. In 2001 Timo won the Printmaking Today Award at the British National Printmaking Exhibition. He’s exhibited work at venues including La Casa Elizaide in Barcelona and the Metropolitan Gallery in Cape Town (both 1999).

Public and private collections with Timo Lehtonens work include Benchmark, Brown and Wood, Mappin Gallery Sheffield, Rank Xerox and the Victoria and Albert Museum London.

Timo Lehtonen CV